Organizers for the 2022 season

DATA team @ ENS and DataLab @ILB

The 2022 season was jointly organized by Marine Neyret (ILB) and Simon Coste (ENS) and all the bêta-testing team: 
Rudy Morel , Lorraine Hickson, Florentin Guth, Aymeric Basset, John Zarka, Ghassen Ben Hassine, Gaspar Rochette, Anthony Galtier, Bertrand Cabot and Alexis Dubos.

Website realisation

Rudy Morel, Louis Thiry, John Zarka, Tomas Angles, Tanguy Marchand, Simon Coste, Bertrand Cabot, Alexis Dubos

Under the supervision of

Stéphane Mallat