Winners of the 2020 season

Winners of each challenge, the 15th of December 2020

Stock Return Prediction by QRT

PhotoRoom Object Segmentation from Synthetic Images by Artizans

Deep Hedging for an Equinoxe by Natixis

Predict sex from brain rhythms by Dreem

Metamodels to improve energy consumptions and comfort control in big buildings by Oze Energies

Smart meter is coming by BCM Energy - Planète OUI

Where will the next trade take place? by CFM

Defect Prediction on production lines by VALEO

Dyni Odontocete Click Classification, 10 species [ DOCC10 ] by Universite de Toulon

AI for Meter Reading by Suez

Predicting lung cancer survival time by OWKIN

Asset production estimation by Kayrros

Prediction of direction of Bitcoin based on sentiment data by Napoleon X

NLP applied to judicial decisions parsing by Predilex

Rakuten France Multimodal Product Data Classification by Rakuten Institute of Technology, Paris

Wind Power forecasting for the day-ahead energy market by Compagnie Nationale du Rhône

Predicting response times of the Paris Fire Brigade vehicles by Paris Fire Brigrade